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IFS Certified

What is getting in the way of you leading your best life? Clients come to therapy looking for healing and growth, to resolve fears and doubts, and to address old patterns and behaviors. The decision to finally work with a therapist is a decision to invest in your quality of life.


My practice is exclusively Internal Family Systems (IFS) oriented. In addition to being a Certified IFS therapist (Level 2), I have done years of my own work in this model and experienced the transformative power of this approach. I continue to hold myself to a high standard with using this model by continuing my own IFS therapy, and participating in regular clinical consultation with senior IFS trainers. 


In addition to training in IFS, I completed a Fellowship at The University of Chicago in Contextual Behavior Therapy with an emphasis on Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.


I have experience and training working with clients on a broad spectrum of concerns. My specialties include working with clients on navigating relationship challenges, workplace stress, career transitions, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, marital concerns, parenting challenges, codependency, and issues with self-esteem. 


My overall goal in working with clients is to help people experience more empowerment, satisfaction, and overall happiness. There is so much required of each of us as we carry out our daily lives, and we carry the weight of our current stressors, old stories, and wounds from our past. When we effectively navigate these challenges, we have the opportunity to be more proactive, empowered, and mindful with how we move forward. 

Clients interested in doing IFS therapy can reach out to Carolyn at, or call


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