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Jane Kim, LCSW


EMDR Trained

Too often the problems and emotional pain that loom large in our lives are compounded by a lack of understanding of its origins or the discrepancy between our inner dialogue and the true reality. I believe that lasting change comes from working on these discrepancies and clearly defining our values and strengths in an environment that is free from judgment of any kind.

I am a child of Korean immigrants and bring a multicultural perspective to my therapeutic approach. I believe in contextualizing our struggles and life experiences against a background of systemic societal inequities as well as delving into your unique experience within your own family and communities.

If you want to improve your self-esteem, decision-making, or boundary-setting, I could help you explore and build the skills necessary to navigate your life. If you have had trauma, grief, or loss, I can help you find healing while adjusting to a new normal. Together, we can discover your inner resilience and strengths to help you navigate life more joyfully.

My approach is informed by Internal Family Systems, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, and  EMDR.

I will meet you where you are and we will go from there together.

All inquires are welcome. Please reach out to me at or 773.599.0831

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