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Seeking therapy is a courageous investment in your wellness.  Our need for purpose and connection can be frustrated by experiences of invalidation, trauma, and loneliness, as well as systemic injustices like racism, gender-based oppression, and economic disparity. 

I’ve had the opportunity to engage with clients from a diverse array of cultural identities regarding a range of issues like work-stress and career-transitions, anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, family-of-origin dynamics, and other challenges related to the ups and downs of living. I have worked with clients ranging in age from late-teens to 60s, and have extensive experience working with folks navigating challenges of early adulthood.  Together, we can explore, process, and strategize new ways to experience and interact with the world.    

My work with clients is influenced by a range of person-centered, trauma-informed, and evidence-based approaches.  I’ll work collaboratively with you to find a combination of perspectives, metaphors, and strategies that feel relatable, workable, and appropriate for your needs and goals.

I am accepting new clients virtually and welcome all inquiries.  You can reach me at or ‪(224) 999-0342‬.

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