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Life may seem like we are expected to act, feel, and think certain ways- but what if our only obligation is to be authentically ourselves? Our fears, tears, and memories are representations of the human experience. Sometimes our past can hold us back from the stepping stones towards inner peace. Situations and events can be unfair to us and our loved ones; we do not always deserve what comes our way.

Feeling vulnerable, isolated, guilty, or disappointed does not mean you have to figure everything out on your own. I commend you for having the courage to share your story with me and investing in yourself. Let’s gain a deeper understanding of our past and take control of our future. 

As a first generation Latina, I prioritize identity and culture by providing bilingual services (English, Spanish) and culturally sensitive care. Your values, philosophy, and affiliations will be respected at your discretion. I take into account how relationships and conversations throughout our lives formulate into who we are today.  

I believe each person is unique and there is no one solution/approach that works for everyone. I respect integrative work/theory, empathetic and warm values within our relationship, and use evidence-based practices as a guide to collaborate with clients. For example, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic approaches are ways to understand how life patterns and people have influenced our daily habits and how we react to situations. We will work together on managing thoughts and emotions, developing coping strategies and having healthier relationships with others. 

Additionally, I use narrative talk therapy with a focus on systems because our environment heavily influences how we self reflect and view our life up until now. My experience with immigrant individuals/families, victims of violence/oppression, teen adversity, grief/loss and other trauma/stress clients have allowed me to formulate the impact people and institutions have on our behaviors and emotional/mental health.


My approach is based in compassion, mindfulness and finding solutions when they come up. It’s difficult to heal when you’re struggling with external problems like finances, career/school, family conflict or life transitions. Therefore, I will support you in navigating these issues. We will develop habits and activities that can make a complex situation seem clearer. 

“There are wounds that– instead of opening our skin– open our eyes.” – Pablo Neruda 

I am accepting new clients both in person and virtually. My services can be provided in English and Spanish. All inquiries are welcome.


Feel free to reach out to me at or (312) 489-8791.

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