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Choosing to pursue therapy is a piece of the grander puzzle of choosing yourself, to be seen, heard, and met, authentically and without judgment. To grow and heal. One of the most brave and heroic acts of self-love is to challenge yourself to be uncomfortable in vulnerability with another person. I’m so honored and humbled to have the opportunity to create and hold this space and guide each person through doing the work and watch as they bloom. 


As a therapist my goal is to empower you, operating on the belief that you come in with all the wisdom and remedy for your own healing, simply with a need for some help to better tune into your own frequency. I believe in showing up authentically, as the person I truly am, to bring an element of universality and humanness to a space where, often, you come longing for raw and real connection. With a therapeutic relationship we can begin to unpack what it is you came to unburden yourself from with ease and without fear of judgment. I pride myself on being easy to talk to, laugh with, cry with, or simply be still with. There’s no wrong way to be in my room. 


My therapeutic approach is individualized and client-focused, supported by neuroscience, and informed by internal family systems, somatic methods, inner child work, strengths-based narratives, CBT, and blended harm reduction 12-step facilitation. I specialize in trauma, dual-diagnosis, substance use and other addictive behavior disorders, and mental health disorders. I’m Hazelden Betty Ford trained and blend the core principles of the 12-steps with a trauma-responsive harm-reduction model, facilitating an environment free of judgment and welcome of change, whatever that looks like for you. I have a passion for working with complex trauma, dysfunctional family dyanmics, emotional dysregulation and anger management, equally, the development of effective communication, emotional regulation, and reparenting methods. 

I’m so grateful for a depth of experience and familiarity with humans from all walks of life, having worked with demographics varying from those diagnosed with severe and persistent mental health conditions, geriatrics and older adult individuals, adolescents, individuals having experienced incarceration, established professionals and healthcare providers, and offenders and victims of violent/predatory crimes. I work with individual adults, family systems, couples, groups, and emerging adolescents. If you’re ready to begin your healing journey and be heard today, reach out to me directly at or 314-292-9486. I’m taking clients virtually immediately and in person beginning in September !

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