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I firmly believe that mental health and mental illness are more than merely brain-based, biological diseases. I believe that human suffering is often a result of invalidation, trauma, racism, loneliness, poverty, systemic oppression, and lack of meaning in life.


 The way and tools with which we find and create meaning in our lives—as well as our values—are the roadmap and compass we have to find healing. Curiosity and compassion are my guideposts as a therapist. 


My approach to therapy is relational and trauma-informed. Relationships in our lives from birth until the present form the building blocks of our self-concept and worldview. My primary focus is helping clients build trust and a safe relationship with which to explore deeper and more sensitive topics.  


My experience and whole person informs the work that I do. I have lived experience as queer person with relational trauma, body dysmorphia/fat-shame, and chronic illness that requires daily medication and access to healthcare. I am polyamory/non-monogamy affirming, kink-affirming, neurodivergent-affirming and have experience supporting LGBTQIA+ folks, college students, and young professionals. 


As a first-generation and non-traditional college student, I know the difficulty of navigating higher education without much support. I have extensive experience working in the service industry and I know firsthand the struggles of burnout, lack of access to mental health services, and poverty. 


A self-professed nerd, I enjoy learning as much as I can about nearly anything. I've been a gamer my entire life and love a good J-RPG! I also love to cook, read, ride my bike, stroll through parks, and spend time near bodies of water. I love beverages in all their forms and enjoy putting my barista experience to use at home.


I am currently accepting new clients and invite you to reach out to me directly via email: or by phone: (847) 868-0272

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