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Therapy is a unique opportunity to explore the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that shape our inner world. So, I believe we should feel empowered in the therapeutic space to share whatever may come to mind. This is a very vulnerable act though that deserves to be shared with someone you trust. For this reason, I am dedicated to cultivating a safe, accepting, and collaborative environment where we may walk side by side to investigate your concerns and unique needs. 

From my experiences working in residential treatment settings, I have come to appreciate the difference between managing distress and finding inner healing. I believe a deep, exploratory approach to therapy allows us to uncover the underlying roots of unresolved emotions, unmet needs, and internal conflicts. While I do have training in behavioral therapies and can offer practical techniques for handling distressing emotions, my practice centers around helping clients explore the interplay between past experiences, recurring patterns, and present-day behaviors to gain meaningful insight into emotional triggers and coping mechanisms. 

I practice from a relational psychodynamic and client-centered framework. This means that I believe that the client is the expert of their own experiences and that these past experiences help us better understand our behavior in the present. My approach is also supplemented with training in harm reduction, mindfulness, ACT, DBT, and eating disorder treatment. I developed this approach from my work with people who are incarcerated, in higher levels of care, and suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic distress, difficulty with relationships, and eating disorders. 

Whether you’re seeking support for the first time or returning to therapy with renewed resolve, I encourage you take the next step of reaching out. I am currently accepting clients both virtually and in person. To ask questions or learn more about getting started, you can contact me at

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